About Us

We're the experts who can get you from the "I want to invest in something green" stage to a fully designed and installed renewable energy system. Of course, if you've got the technical know-how to do the work yourself and you're just looking for a source for all the components, we're there for you, too! In either case, we'll help you choose the best energy efficient and renewable energy alternatives from an "on grid" "on grid battery back up" or a totally "off grid" system where you are totally disconnected from your local utility company.

Satisfaction with our products and services is 100% Guaranteed.

We believe that a decentralized power system made up of location-appropriate renewable technologies (on site power) is a key part of fighting global warming--a task that is everyone's responsibility. We also believe that reducing the use of fossil fuels be using renewables, we are making our world cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful--in other words, a place where all living things can thrive.

Firsts at BeUtilityFree:

  • First to sell the largest (300W) PV panel module in the world back in 2000!
  • First to have a Hydrogen section in their catalog (and still do)
  • First to sell products for hydrogen fuel cells
  • First to publish their SourceBook using solar electricity! (we print out own SourceBook)
  • First to use the word "UtilityFree™" and trademark it.
  • First to use the term "SEEA" (Super Energy Efficient Appliances)
  • First to promote the use of BioGas (methane gas) in a their literature
  • First to sell and promote the use of the most environmentally friendly and longest-lived battery in the world - the Nickel-Iron battery invented by Thomas A. Edison in early 1900's.
  • First in the Home Power industry to offer battery financing for our nickel iron battery, which we continue to do today.
  • First to offer turn key "plug and play" lithium battery storage with 10,000 100% DOD cycle life for being "completely being "off grid", grid tie with self consumption and peak demand shaving for both residential and commercial applications.

Product Line Profile

It is our desire to provide our customers with the most current, field proven, yet cost effective products available. All our products are manufactured by sound, reputable companies with excellent customer service warranty support. For the convenience of our customers, we have compiled our comprehensive product line into a our UtilityFree SourceBook. Similar to a catalog, but far more informative, this SourceBook professionally presents our complete product line and includes all relevant information & pricing about each product.

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