Mission Statement


We exist to provide products and services that reduce or eliminate your dependence on utility companies through the purchase of energy-efficient and renewable energy products.  We want our clients to benefit from both the long-term environmental payback and the direct monetary payback that comes from investing in renewable energy.

Purchasing power from a utility is the same as paying rent. You pay out every month, but once the last bill is paid you don't own a thing! When you own the ‘utility’, you don’t have to pay anyone for the power it produces. You have the right to sell the Renewable Energy Credits it produces and to sell your ‘utility’ when you move.

Utility companies (and oil companies, too) need you - you truly don't need them because all the energy you’ll ever need to live a comfortable life falls on your roof every day!

We want the products we sell to:

  • Eliminate the need for your fossil-fuel utility power usage completely, or at least displace it with renewables.
  • Reduce your energy usage through efficiency without degrading your standard of living.
  • Increase the value of your home, probably by even more than the amount you paid for them.
  • Support the growth of renewable energy even if not all of our customers can remove themselves from the grid.
  • Fight pollution, global warming, mining-based environmental degradation, corporate power monopolies and economic recession.  

We aim high, but it all starts with you!

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