Thanks again, so far according to Carbon Power 59 KWHs have been back fed into their system after just a little over a week, I'm impressed.  Additionally we are getting credit for "retail" prices on the back fed power.

- Lynn

...John, it is obvious that you worked your amps off in producing this latest SourceBook, and all your hard work has paid off. Having generated newsletters and such myself over the years., I know how mightily you and your staff have labored.The catalog is very well laid out, with excellent illustrations, graphs and, charts, and photos. And, the text is very clear and concise without to much technical jargon or wordiness that would otherwise make it unreadable to the average consumer looking for a way to get off grid.....Thanks for not compromising your high standards. I look forward to working with you.

- Eric

Thank you for your input. So far this is the clearest information I have received. [Robert was confused about differences between a drain back solar hot water system and a drain down solar hot water system and we straightened him out!

- Robert Odenthal

That name John D'Angelo that came onto my screen, what does it mean to me? First and foremost, it means one of the teachers at an event that changed my life, the Advanced Photovoltaics course at SEI (Then it was STI, Solar Technology Institute) about a decade ago. Second, it means a doer who hosted an H2 (hydrogen) BBQ in his backyard, with a PV system of his own at the house. Not an onlooker or a government-job wannabe, but a hands-on Wrench. .......once a student of yours, now a PV and utility professional,

- Zot Lynn Szurgot

I am very satisfied with the set of TN 300 Nickel Iron batteries I got from you four years ago. I use them as part of a 1200 AH pack and regularly cut wood all afternoon with my 12A 120V electric chain saw and the Nickel Irons perform excellently. I particularly like the clear cases that let you see the electrolyte level, though this is now less important since I added Hydrocaps last year . The cases are very ruggedly built and very easy to keep clean, (a nice change from the old Edison cells!). The TN 300s have definitely performed up to spec and I look forward to many more years of outstanding service from them.

- Bruce Gardiner

Thanks for the info. I've downloaded the PDF file and looked it over. That's the best, most comprehensive, design/product guide I've seen. Well done! I'm looking forward to digging into it further.

- Ron Frazier

Just received my still kit from John at Beutilityfree. I am very pleased. Everything is included right down to the Brillo pads. He has marked each piece and even drilled holes.

- Vix Crowles

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