• Solar electric is best used to offset smaller loads like lighting and appliances.

    Whether you want to offset a portion of your electric bill or fill a whole field with a solar farm, we can take you from concept to completed installation. Read More

  • No battery has outlasted the Nickel-Iron battery in daily use for home power systems! We have an original Nickel-Iron battery that is 68 years old - a real testament to the technology!

    Find out more about Nickel Iron Batteries. Read More

  • Above the trees, the wind blows much harder and much more steadily. That's the concept behind our wind turbines on towers. Wind power is a great option for rural locations. We don't recommend it for urban settings as the turbines do make some noise. Read More
  • Solar hot water systems are the most cost-effective renewable energy source out there after efficiency. As with any solar technology, it's important that you have either roof space or yard space that will allow panels to be oriented toward the southern sky and unobstructed by shadows. Read More
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We're here to help every home and business produce and store all the energy needed for daily life. We'd like nothing better than to enable everyone to produce their own energy from clean and inexpensive renewable sources.

Renting vs. Owning

Your monthly utility bill gets you the privilege of electricity or natural gas usage each month, but after forty years of payments what do you have to show for it? To see how those bills can add up to a substantial investment over the years take a look at this table.

When you buy your own means of energy production you end up with the ability to continue making all the energy you need and no more utility bills!

The UtilityFree™ Home

To get a better idea of how your home could become one, take a look at our UtilityFree™ page.

Being completely UtilityFree won't fit everyone's circumstances. In many cases remaining connected to the electrical utility's grid but offsetting your usage by producing renewable energy is the best option.

To help you decide how best to transition to renewables, we have provided an overview of the best energy-production technologies available today in our site.  Take a look around!

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