• Solar electric is best used to offset smaller loads like lighting and appliances.

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  • No battery has outlasted the Nickel-Iron battery in daily use for home power systems! We have an original Nickel-Iron battery that is 68 years old - a real testament to the technology!

    Find out more about Nickel Iron Batteries. Read More

  • Above the trees, the wind blows much harder and much more steadily. That's the concept behind our wind turbines on towers. Wind power is a great option for rural locations. We don't recommend it for urban settings as the turbines do make some noise. Read More
  • Solar hot water systems are the most cost-effective renewable energy source out there after efficiency. As with any solar technology, it's important that you have either roof space or yard space that will allow panels to be oriented toward the southern sky and unobstructed by shadows. Read More
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Nickel Iron specs, prices, ordering


45 Day Lead Time:

100Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah, 500Ah, 600Ah,

700Ah, 1000Ah and now 1200Ah cells


Over 11,810 cells sold since 1995!

Financing available! Buy your set of batteries ONCE and have easy monthly payments while reaping the benefits of a nickel-iron battery. Now you can OWN a NiFe battery for about the same price or LESS than a good quality lead acid battery (Trojan RE series, Surette, etc.) without all the lead acid battery hassles!!! No other company offers in house financing!

Pricing and Sizing info as of March 1, 2016 - Click here for sizes, prices and more. 

Price Match Guarantee to ANY Competitors of Equal Battery Bank and Service. Best Warranty in the Industry, with the Longevity to Prove It!

Ordering Deadlines:

Our cells are now shipped WITH ELECTROLYTE directlly from our China factory to your door with the convenience of a lift gate. Time frame from order placement is approximately 45 days to receipt of your order.  While importing from China, there can be delays occasionally that can occur beyond our control due to Chinese Holidays, or Chinese Government Production, customs inspections, etc.. They are shipped in a wooden crate(s) (please see picture on our brochure). Purchase also included is a hydrometer, digital volt meter, battery tools and much more!

Our next order deadline is the 30th of the month

How to Order:

Click here for ordering guidelines and purchasing policies, including current time frame from order placement to delivery. 

Click here for a shipping fee quote!


Nickel Iron Testimonials

Changed my 48V system from Trojan L16P-AC 420Ah  to ... 300Ah NiFe batteries. Much more backup power.John was very helpful and knowledgeable. Very impressed"

P Terry
Email August 23, 2017


"I got the batteries this morning.  I opened up one case.  They look great."



March 31, 2017 via email


"In 2008, I purchased a set of Nickel Iron batteries from you, and   They continue to perform as I expected,   I'm now looking to replace my inverters.  I'm looking for  12 volt DC inverters, with  3000 watt maximum output. What do you recommend for use with Nickel Iron batteries.   My existing inverters were intended for use with Lead Acid batteries.  and while I got them to work with NiFe batteries, they were never happy with the voltage fluctuations during charging, or under heavy demand.  Thanks,"


February, 2017 email

"Yes we are running 12 volts nominal but now all 10 cells.  Our biggest loads are a Sunfrost fridge, Sundanzer Freezer, and a Sunstar fridge/freezer.  I have a longer electrical wire on these for intentional voltage drop to make sure the voltage doesn’t get too high. 


The Outback CC’s are going through the bulk very quickly and then on to absorb for 6 hours, generally the rest of the day.  I have set the absorb voltage to 16.5 volts but the amps going in are much lower than what the solar panels are capable of.  This may be normal but I wanted to check with you to see if there were any special configuration recommendations with these new Charge Controllers. 


The batteries are performing very well although I did under-charge them for a couple of months while I was reconfiguring my whole set up."


Thanks again for any recommendations,



May 6, 2016




"By the way, the cells looked very nice.  A little bigger than I first thought, but so far they look nice.  They were packaged really well."


Rufus Handsome, Missouri

May 4, 2016 email



You have proven the most helpful and knowledgeable person we have known for these cells and we appreciate your help. Thank you.


Best wishes

Rafael Onterio, Canada


January 19, 2015 email 

"Now that I got the charge controller straightened out, these batteries are performing beyond my expectations; I really don't feel worried when we have three or four cloudy days, like I used to with my lead acid batteries.  One of the best things about these batteries is that it is easy to tell when they need water, and it is easy to refill them.  Check out this great, venting,Plexiglas battery box that I built. I recommend this to any one."

 Best regards,


Jan 17, 2014 Missouri email


"So all total I have 5 systems installed, one system not installed, and one system on order. All systems are doing great and the customers are happy." 

-Dealer August 20, 2013 email 

"The electrolyte change went well. The batteries immediately responded to the change, and are performing phenomenally. "

           -Marcus, TX July 2, 2012 email


 "What caught my interest on NiFe was I could add cells at a later time to increase my capacity (my system is always growing) as well as if a cell goes bad. (this has happened twice with my LA batteries) without the same headache as lead acid and the long life. I’m in my early fifties and the thought of swapping out my batteries every 4 to 5 years for the next 20 years just didn’t thrill me.

That all said I decided on buying a set of NiFe batteries. As has been stated here the upfront cost was a little sobering. I called around and found the folks at BeUtlityFree will help finance some of the cost of a battery of brand new cells…even if they are Chinese. That was a big deciding factor on why I went with them for my purchase 
So far my experience with the folks at BeUtlityFree has been nothing but positive…of course my interactions so far has just been me sending them money, but they have been attentive to my questions and get back to me promptly whenever I contact them."

-Bob L, AZ Post on Otherpower forum May 23, 2012


"I have had my ChangHongs (purchased from BeUtilityFree) since last Sept. or so. They are running my PV-powered home very nicely. Compared with lead acid, they are a pleasure to work with as they are so much lighter in weight and can be discharged to zero without damage...being able to discharge them to that level without damage to batteries allows one to make do with a smaller-capacity bank....We have had no technical or electronic or electrical problems and have had to make no changes in our appliances, etc. We have a combination of DC stuff ['fridge, freezer, lights, fans] and AC [computers, TV, hand tools, etc.] and all are working normally and well."
Post on Otherpower Forum from our customer SH from Idaho Springs , Colorado - 12V @ 700 Ah @ C/5 rate March 12, 2012

"After three full charge/discharge cycles, I am running the house on the NiFe bank as of three days ago. So far, great. We'll see how they do with some short winter days and snow storms. But right now they are performing every bit as well as I'd hoped."
-SH from Idaho Springs , Colorado - 12V @ 700 Ah @ C/5 rate September 3, 2011

"Thank you ... for keeping us posted on the shipping progress & we were pleased the pack was complete with tools, apron, etc."

-Letter from T.B., Felton, CA July 2011

 "I can report being quite happy with NiFe, in my demanding off-grid application. I have lived off-grid for over 7 years, in Central Texas, with air conditioning no less...When all is said and done, having experienced what some feel are among the best and most trouble-free Lead Acid batteries, I love these NiFe's, and I am grateful to have them."

-Central Texas customer July 2011 Post on SolarPanelTalk, 48V 620 Ah@ 100 Ah rate, purchased in 2009

 "I am using Nickel Iron batteries on my house and it lives up to its historical claims.   All December I have been running on the bottom half of the battery bank voltage since we have had very very dreary weather.   I have been grateful that it is no problem to discharge them to an extreme when you need to.  Now the sun is coming back and we lasted through Dec 21st without having to protect the battery from the deepest of discharges. One week I took them right down to zero volts just to see what happens!  They came right up and held their charge!"

-Ian - Post on The Otherpower discussion board December 2010


;I've successfully filled my ten 305Ah batteries with electrolyte. I charged them to their equalizing voltage, then discharged them using a 2 kW pure sine wave inverter running big loads. So far they've performed really well. I'll be testing them more over the next month with a solar/wind system.
 -Rich June 9, 2008



  It looks like my NiFe batteries were worth the waiting for.  I finally got the first 10 cells filled, and charged, and I load tested them today.  The 10 TN-600 cells easily powered my workshop for several hours tonight.  The machinery draws about 100 amps, with the occasional surge up to 400 amps.  (starting motors).   They easily out powered my failing lead acid batteries, and nicely compliment my old "original" Nickel Iron cells.  (51 years old!).   Now hopefully, they will last longer than me!

- Trevor, June 24, 2008



"I'm one of (BeUtilityFree's)  ancient and very satisfied customers (you have a quote from me on your website! It's still true)"
-John Berton Nov 28, 2007 - original comment below



"They never need equalizing. I have never experienced any problem with overcharging... Not only would I use nickel-iron batteries again, but I would probably not want to set up a new system without them. The idea of using lead-acid batteries after the ease of nickel-irons is horrifying."
-John Berton, Home Power Magazine Issue #80 December 2000/Jan 2001

Nickel Iron Information

Detailed information

  • The cells are sent direct from the factory to you in secure wooden crates. We ship internationally, and we can ship our batteries anywhere in the world.
  • We know you will find a substantial savings purchasing NEW cells from us in contrast to buying cells that are 30-50 years old or older from other companies. Some companies are selling "new cells" that have ABSOLUTELY no track record. 
  • We offer the LONGEST warranty in the industry on nickel iron cells - 20 years! Other companies selling Nickel Iron cells (new or old cells) offer 1 or 2 year warranties. Compare their warranty to ours! We stand firmly behind our products and have the over 30 years experience and knowledge working with Nickel-Iron batteries. 
  • These batteries can be expected to last up to 40 years with proper maintenance, proper sizing, proper usage and electrolyte changes when needed. That is our definition of a "lifetime".

No battery has outlasted the Nickel-Iron battery in daily use for home power systems! We have an original working Nickel-Iron battery that is 68 years old - a real testament to the technology! 

We also have in our possession a set of the new cells we imported from China in 1995 that are still in service after 21 years and are currently in operation in an Idaho off grid system. They have had two electrolyte changes in 2000 and another in 2013.

The benefits of using Nickel-Iron batteries for home energy storage:

  • Longest battery life of any battery known today.
  • Clean and simple green technology.
  • Time-tested (invented by Thomas Edison in the early 1900's) tecknology
  • Battery efficiency stays about 75-80% throughout its lifetime.
  • Will NEVER sulfate.
  • Does not freeze.
  • Easily rejuvenated by a simple electrolyte change (unless abused)
  • No need for frequent equalization charges.
  • Electrolyte is a preservative for the metal plates.
  • 100% nickel plated plates and posts and intercell connectors
  • Up to three posts per cell in larger cell sizes!
  • Sold in individual cells for any voltage combination -12, 24,36,48,etc.
  • Up to 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) without harm or loss of battery capacity.
  • NO harm if your battery is overcharged.
  • Can add to your battery bank at ANY TIME in the future
  • Leave in any state of charge without harm
  • No memory effect
  • No harmful effect when being discharged to 1 VPC
  • Wider operating temperature range than lead acids which gives you more power out of yoru battery bank
  • Can replace a defective cell at ANY time, unlike lead acid cells
  • Does not contain sulfuric acid, thus no "rotten egg small"
  • Average life is 20 years, but original NiFE cells manufactured by Thomas Edison have been known to still be functional after 80 years!
  • Light in weight compared to lead acid cells, so moving them around  is a snap.
  • Industrial grade materials insure a quality product
  • Independent testing by NREL has shown these cells to have a higher rated capacity than the manufacturers rating!
  • Can add different battery capacities in parallel. For example you can add a 200 Ah battery bank to a 400 Ah battery bank for a total of 600 Ah which one can NEVER do with lead acid batteries.
  • All of cells are all made with ABS plastic and NOT polypropylene (PP). ABS plastic is a transparent plastic and it makes seeing electrolyte levels a breeze! Two of our competitors sell PP cell cases. You will  be sorry if you buy a PP case! We guarantee it! 
  • With a higher operating voltage than a lead acid battery bank you can get more power from a nickel iron battery bank. Most high quality inverters can handle the wide voltage operating range.
  • Charges faster than any lead acid battery, so if you are just using a generator to charge your battery bank you will use far less fuel because you can charge at a C/5 rate with no harm to your battery  bank! Almost all flooded home power battereis are rated at a C/20 chareg rate. 
  • At end of life cycle these can be treated as scrap metal for recycling  purposes and can be totally recycled! A true GREEN battery!
  • Almost maintenance free, compared to flooded lead acid batteries
  • NEW! We now have a battery capacity warranty no other manufacturer or competitor can match!

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