Nickel Iron Batteries (NiFe)

A Lifetime* Battery For Your Off-Grid System or Grid-tie Backup

We have been importing these cells from a major Chinese battery company since 1995! No other company in the US can make this claim.

The company that makes our cells has been making Nickel-Iron cells for 45 years!

The cells are sent direct from the factory to you in secure wooden crates.

We know you will find a substantial savings purchasing NEW cells from us. Some companies are selling "new cells" that have ABSOLUTELY no track record. 

We offer the LONGEST warranty in the industry on nickel iron cells - 15  years! Compare their warranty to ours! We stand firmly behind our products and have the over 30 years experience and knowledge working with Nickel-Iron batteries. 

* These batteries can be expected to last up to 40 years with proper maintenance, proper sizing, proper usage and electrolyte changes when needed. That is our definition of a "lifetime".

"Lorenzen has been scavenging used forklift batteries for almost 50 years, and his collection of the Edison cells — which work on an alkaline principle with an iron anode, a nickel oxide cathode, and a potassium hydroxide electrolyte — now totals over 140 units of sixty-plus amperes apiece. Some of the batteries are over 80 years old .... yet it takes nothing more than regular addition of water and a supplement of potash every 15 years to keep them in good shape."

Update 2011: We believe, but have not confirmed that John has passed and am sorry to see such a pioneer leave us. 

Mother Earth News Issue #62 - March/April 1980 (our emphasis in red)

 The above picture was taken from our CEO's visit to his house in late 1972.


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