Nickel Iron Information

Detailed information

  • The cells are sent direct from the factory to you in secure wooden crates. We ship internationally, and we can ship our batteries anywhere in the world.
  • We know you will find a substantial savings purchasing NEW cells from us in contrast to buying cells that are 30-50 years old or older from other companies. Some companies are selling "new cells" that have ABSOLUTELY no track record. 
  • We offer the LONGEST warranty in the industry on nickel iron cells - 20 years! Other companies selling Nickel Iron cells (new or old cells) offer 1 or 2 year warranties. Compare their warranty to ours! We stand firmly behind our products and have the over 30 years experience and knowledge working with Nickel-Iron batteries. 
  • These batteries can be expected to last up to 40 years with proper maintenance, proper sizing, proper usage and electrolyte changes when needed. That is our definition of a "lifetime".

No battery has outlasted the Nickel-Iron battery in daily use for home power systems! We have an original working Nickel-Iron battery that is 68 years old - a real testament to the technology! 

We also have in our possession a set of the new cells we imported from China in 1995 that are still in service after 21 years and are currently in operation in an Idaho off grid system. They have had two electrolyte changes in 2000 and another in 2013.

The benefits of using Nickel-Iron batteries for home energy storage:

  • Longest battery life of any battery known today.
  • Clean and simple green technology.
  • Time-tested (invented by Thomas Edison in the early 1900's) tecknology
  • Battery efficiency stays about 75-80% throughout its lifetime.
  • Will NEVER sulfate.
  • Does not freeze.
  • Easily rejuvenated by a simple electrolyte change (unless abused)
  • No need for frequent equalization charges.
  • Electrolyte is a preservative for the metal plates.
  • 100% nickel plated plates and posts and intercell connectors
  • Up to three posts per cell in larger cell sizes!
  • Sold in individual cells for any voltage combination -12, 24,36,48,etc.
  • Up to 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) without harm or loss of battery capacity.
  • NO harm if your battery is overcharged.
  • Can add to your battery bank at ANY TIME in the future
  • Leave in any state of charge without harm
  • No memory effect
  • No harmful effect when being discharged to 1 VPC
  • Wider operating temperature range than lead acids which gives you more power out of yoru battery bank
  • Can replace a defective cell at ANY time, unlike lead acid cells
  • Does not contain sulfuric acid, thus no "rotten egg small"
  • Average life is 20 years, but original NiFE cells manufactured by Thomas Edison have been known to still be functional after 80 years!
  • Light in weight compared to lead acid cells, so moving them around  is a snap.
  • Industrial grade materials insure a quality product
  • Independent testing by NREL has shown these cells to have a higher rated capacity than the manufacturers rating!
  • Can add different battery capacities in parallel. For example you can add a 200 Ah battery bank to a 400 Ah battery bank for a total of 600 Ah which one can NEVER do with lead acid batteries.
  • All of cells are all made with ABS plastic and NOT polypropylene (PP). ABS plastic is a transparent plastic and it makes seeing electrolyte levels a breeze! Two of our competitors sell PP cell cases. You will  be sorry if you buy a PP case! We guarantee it! 
  • With a higher operating voltage than a lead acid battery bank you can get more power from a nickel iron battery bank. Most high quality inverters can handle the wide voltage operating range.
  • Charges faster than any lead acid battery, so if you are just using a generator to charge your battery bank you will use far less fuel because you can charge at a C/5 rate with no harm to your battery  bank! Almost all flooded home power battereis are rated at a C/20 chareg rate. 
  • At end of life cycle these can be treated as scrap metal for recycling  purposes and can be totally recycled! A true GREEN battery!
  • Almost maintenance free, compared to flooded lead acid batteries
  • NEW! We now have a battery capacity warranty no other manufacturer or competitor can match!

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