Nickel Iron specs, prices, ordering


45 Day Lead Time:

100Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah, 500Ah, 600Ah,

700Ah, 1000Ah and now 1200Ah cells


Over 11,810 cells sold since 1995!

Financing available! Buy your set of batteries ONCE and have easy monthly payments while reaping the benefits of a nickel-iron battery. Now you can OWN a NiFe battery for about the same price or LESS than a good quality lead acid battery (Trojan RE series, Surette, etc.) without all the lead acid battery hassles!!! No other company offers in house financing!

Pricing and Sizing info as of March 1, 2016 - Click here for sizes, prices and more. 

Price Match Guarantee to ANY Competitors of Equal Battery Bank and Service. Best Warranty in the Industry, with the Longevity to Prove It!

Ordering Deadlines:

Our cells are now shipped WITH ELECTROLYTE directlly from our China factory to your door with the convenience of a lift gate. Time frame from order placement is approximately 45 days to receipt of your order.  While importing from China, there can be delays occasionally that can occur beyond our control due to Chinese Holidays, or Chinese Government Production, customs inspections, etc.. They are shipped in a wooden crate(s) (please see picture on our brochure). Purchase also included is a hydrometer, digital volt meter, battery tools and much more!

Our next order deadline is the 30th of the month

How to Order:

Click here for ordering guidelines and purchasing policies, including current time frame from order placement to delivery. 

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