Solar Hot Water

Solar thermal systems are the most cost-effective renewable energy source out there (apart from reducing your energy usage through efficiency).

As with any solar energy technology, it's important that you have either roof space or yard space that will allow panels to be oriented toward the southern sky and unobstructed by shadows. Solar thermal can be your home's sole source of heat or can be tied into an existing gas-fired boiler as a preheater to conserve fuel.

Typically the system includes panels on your roof in which water or glycerol is heated, an insulated water tank for storing the heat and a computerized set of valves to move the hot water to where it's needed. There are several types of types of solar hot water systems available including flat plate, evacuated tube, passive and active. We work with all of them because each type has its benefits and drawbacks in different situations.

Superior Solar Tanks 

We use Superior Solar Tanks for our solar thermal systems for the best heat-retention possible. Usable indoors or out, they are custom-made to fit your space and built to last as long as your home. They can even be adapted to work with wood stoves! These are truly the best solar-thermal heat reservoirs available.

Many types of tanks have been made since the solar hot water industry started to mature in the late 70’s and early 80ʼs. There have been many materials used in the industry such as fiberglass, stainless steel, plastic and various liners. After seeing what works over the years in the industry and what doesn't, we have decided to make a tank that will last a lifetime instead of a decade. 

Our tank will be the first and last tank you buy for a solar thermal (hot water) application, designed to last the life of the building. Unlike typical residential or industrial pressurized steel tanks, this tank is not pressurized and is designed for use with drainback systems, but can also be used for closed-loop glycol systems. If the liner ever fails, it can easily be replaced in about an hour. 

The SSST is also the ideal tank for a radiant floor system, as water can be drawn directly from the tank and used in the radiant floor loop. It can also be adapted to pools, spas, hot tubs, and snowmelt systems with the addition of more heat exchangers. This is the most versatile tank available for ALL your solar hot water needs.

Superior Solar Tank Details

  • Horizontal heat exchanger placement.
  • Can fit through a standard 32” doorway.*
  • Heat loss of 2 degrees a DAY!
  • Ships in pieces and assembled on site.
  • Uses industrial liners for long life.
  • Temperatures up to 180° F.
  • Highest R-Value of any solar tank on the market.
  • No thermal bridges wasting heat.
  • Biggest advancement in solar tanks in 20 years!
  • Standard and custom sizes.
  • Stainless steel fasteners throughout.
  • Custom exteriors: aluminum, vinyl, etc.
  • Standard 4” insulation - R-32! (top & 4 sides)
  • Insulation can be increased to over 6”.
  • Fittings installed to YOUR specifications.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Warranty is transferable.
  • 5 year warranty on pumps, meters, etc.
  • Polyisocyanurate foil-faced rigid foam insulation.
  • Bolt-down lid for easy access.
  • Copper heat exchangers.
  • NO lid penetrations for pipes!
  • Outside or inside placement.
  • Only two tools needed for assembly.
  • All structural components recyclable.
  • Low embodied energy.
  • Easily assembled on site!
  • No steel in tank to rust! 
  • Easily adaptable for DHW and radiant floor heating with tankless hot water backup.

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