The SoruceBook

Our BeUtilityFree™ Living SourceBook is designed for:

  • Homeowners, Owner-Builders, Contractors, Green builders, Eco-resort owners
  • Environmentalists
  • Renewable energy suppliers, Green energy developers
  • Realtors for land without utilities
  • Anyone interested in a renewable fuel economy
  • People who want to offset their carbon footprint or live off-grid
  • People interested in saving money through efficiency
  • People who want to make positive environmental choices

Here's what's inside:

Energy-Efficient Building Choices to lower the cost of your RE system:

  • Introduction - site planning, energy efficiency benefits, conventional vs UtilityFree™ home.
  • Building Environments - energy efficiency materials, SIP's, foam blocks, special building materials, heat recovery products, gas air conditioners, low Btu space heaters, solar radiant floor heating systems, cooling systems, etc.
  • Water - water conservation, solar water pumping, pressure pumps, solar deep and shallow well water pumps, water pumping, water storage, rain water catchment system and supplies and more!
  • Super Energy Efficient Appliances (SEEA's) - gas and electric refrigerators and freezers, wood stoves, gas stoves, solar ovens, washing machines, etc.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting and Daylighting - lamps, compact fluorescents, LED lighting, fixtures, sun pipes, solar outdoor lighting, skylights, and much more!

Choices for harvesting your own energy:

  • Making Hot Water- solar hot water DC and AC pumps and accessories, pressure pumps, solar deep- and shallow-well water pumps, tankless hot water heaters, solar hot water storage tanks, cogeneration
  • Solar Electric (PV) - solar electric modules, building integrated PV modules, PV roof shingles, PV mounting hardware, MPPT charge controllers, Power centers, sine wave inverters, "off-grid" and "on-grid"inverters, batteries, battery accessories, trackers, racks, back up generators and much more!
  • Wind Energy - wind generators from .25 kW to 50 kW, free standing, tilt-up pole, tapered and guyed towers, etc.
  • Hydroelectric - DC and AC turbines from 200 Watts to 50 kW and accessories.
  • Hydrogen - small-scale electrolyzers, storage tanks, fuel cells, demo units, books.
  • Commercial Division - large solar electric inverters, 3 phase equipment, large battery banks, special solar electric modules designed for large commercial roofs, building-integrated solar modules (BIPV).


  • RE Fuels - fuel alcohol stills, still plans, books, accessories, methane digesters, biodiesel kits, reactors, accessories, straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversion kits.


  • Appendix - books, worksheets, electric tables, solar charts, state and federal tax credit chart, etc.


...John, it is obvious that you worked your amps off in producing this latest SourceBook, and all your hard work has paid off. Having generated newsletters and such myself over the years., I know how mightily you and your staff have labored.

The catalog is very well laid out, with excellent illustrations, graphs and, charts, and photos. And, the text is very clear and concise without to much technical jargon or wordiness that would otherwise make it unreadable to the average consumer looking for a way to get off grid.....

Thanks for not compromising your high standards. I look forward to working with you.


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