Wind Power

Above the trees, the wind blows much harder and much more steadily. That's the concept behind our wind turbines on towers. Wind power is a great option for rural locations. We don't recommend it for urban settings as the turbines will make some noise and require some yard space.

When determining if your location is a good one for wind power, it's best to get some information first. You can start by looking up your region on a wind map. If that doesn't rule wind out for you, you'd be wise to do some real measurements over a period of time at your location with an anemometer. Our Sourcebook has several to choose from.

A wind turbine makes the perfect addition to a solar electric off-grid system. When the wind blows too long or hard you can divert the extra electricity to a useful purpose. When your batteries are full and the wind keeps blowing, the extra current can go to heating water for your radiant heating system, to your hot tub or even to an electric space heater.

If you’re off the grid, a wind turbine coupled with solar electric panels makes a great combination. The synergistic effect of utilizing different power sources with a hybrid system often means being able to significantly downsize the component systems, making for a less costly system overall. Because of the inconstant nature of the wind, you'll want to pair your turbine with a battery system (Nickel Iron) for energy storage.

Wind Power Gallery

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