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Home Owners

Thinking that renewable energy is the future for your home? Take a look around at the many solutions we offer to fit every home's needs. Whether you're looking to offset some of your electric usage from the utility, break free from the grid and produce all your own electricity, or become fully self-sufficient and produce your own fuels for cooking, heating and fueling your car as well, we've got everything you need.

Building a new home?

There's no better time to invest in renewable energy than when you can build it into your new home.

Once you get a taste for the possibilities we offer, you'll want to know more. That's why we've put together the Sustainable Living Sourcebook. It has over 180 pages of detailed information on efficient building practices, appliances, solar electric, solar hot water, hydro power, wind power, ethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen, vegetable oil as fuel and hydrogen fuel cells.

We're as committed as you are to making the impact we have on the earth a positive one. In fact, it's our goal to help every homeowner move away from dirty fossil fuel and toward clean, sustainable energy. When we're all in control of the means of our own energy production, not only will we have a positive impact on our environment, but we'll all be richer, too!

Now is a great time to make the wise move to renewables, as there are many State and Federal incentives offered. In some locations there are rebates offered that could reduce a renewable energy system to half the cost!

And the rebates aren't the end of it, either! Once you're producing clean, renewable energy, you can sell Renewable Energy Credits to reap further rewards!

The future is upon us. It's time for Renewable Energy.


The demand for renewable energy components in new-build homes is on the rise and with that comes certain needs.

Designing for optimal photovoltaic insolation, appropriate solar heat gain, placement and access to battery banks and the effects of a well-sealed building envelope are the tools every renewable home architect needs to have.

Our Sustainable Living Sourcebook gives an overview of these issues and the technologies involved. It contains articles on energy-efficient building materials and appliances, plumbing systems,

Our staff can also offer support with the sometimes complicated set of requirements for each different renewable energy technology and how they interact with each other, with home design and with the daily life of the inhabitants.


More and more buildings are going up with built-in renewable energy components, efficiency measures and sustainable/chemically-neutral materials. To keep up with these fast-changing advances, you need a source of information that covers them all. You need the Sustainable Living Sourcebook.

With over 180 pages of articles, product summaries, diagrams and images, the Sourcebook covers everything from solar panel roof attachments, solar roofing tiles, Structural Insulated Panels and spray-in foam insulation to water-efficient plumbing fixtures and super-efficient lighting and appliances.

Our installation staff is also available to oversee the installation of any of these systems and inform builders on the tricky specifics of renewable energy and sustainable building.

Business Owners

Whether you're looking to 'lock in' your energy rates in a future of ever-rising petroleum prices, to fuel your fleet sustainably or to green your brand, you've come to the right place!

Our On-Site Renewable Energy program will allow you to lower your 'utility rate' for electricity by 10% at the the outset, then keep on lowering it for years--all with no capital investment!

Renewable energy systems allow you to sell renewable energy credits every year.

Leasing options are available for our solar electric, solar thermal and wind systems. Please contact us for more information.


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