The UtilityFree™ Home

Our Goal at BeUtilityFree™ is to help the greatest number of people achieve energy independence by freeing themselves from polluting fossil fuels and the utility companies that control them.

With the right combination of renewable energy sources and storage devices, nearly any household, business or small community can kiss their utility bill goodbye forever!

 UtilityFree™ homes are:

  •  A Smart Investment With Tangible Returns
  • A UtilityFree™ Home is almost always cheaper to operate than a conventional home.
  • You are immune to price increases on oil and gas (the average increase is 3-6% a year) and are actually purchasing future energy consumption in today's dollars.
  • As a producer of pollution-free energy, in many states you will qualify for renewable energy credits for your solar hot water, solar electric, wind, hydro-power and hydrogen fuel cells. Selling these credits can be a source of income year after year.
  • Rebates and incentives for installing renewable energy systems in your home are available in some locations and nationally. That's a guaranteed return-on-investment above and beyond the yearly savings in energy costs and the appreciation on the price of your home that a renewable energy system will bring.
  • You may be able to get a grant from your state to offset your renewable energy system purchase and installation costs.
  • In a grid-tied home, you can sell energy from your solar electric system back to the electric utility company
  • Your savings in fuel costs are tax-free.
  • For every dollar you save on your monthly electricity bill with a solar electric system, the value of your home increases by twenty dollars!


  • With excellent insulation and a radiant-floor heating system, a UtilityFree™ Home is one of the coziest places you can be in the winter.
  • With their heat-shedding design features, like solar awnings to shade the windows, a UtilityFree™ Homes can be cool and comfortable even in the dog days of summer.
  • Passive lighting systems like solar tubes and skylights bring natural daylight into any room, making a pleasant atmosphere throughout the home.


  • Having a UtilityFree™ Home doesn't have to mean sacrificing good looks. Solar electric and solar thermal panels can be unobtrusive or even invisible (in the case of a flat roof) when installed with care.
  • If the look of panels is not for you, solar roof tiles are the way to go. They replace your existing roof shingles to make a uniform surface that looks much more like a traditional roof.


  • Many renewable energy sources available for the home are quiet or silent, in some cases replacing a noisy traditional appliance.
  • Solar electric systems have no moving parts make them noisy.
  • Solar hot water systems and radiant floors have only a small pump which is usually located where its sound won't be noticed.
  • Many high-efficiency appliances run less frequently, reducing the amount of noise they produce and increasing their lifespan.
  • Thicker insulation will keep outside noise from entering your abode.

The Right Thing To Do

When you power your life with renewables, you reduce the negative impacts humanity has on our planet. You remove your support for:

  • mountaintop removal for coal
  • oil wells in sensitive ecosystems
  • spills choking the coasts
  • heavy metals in the waters
  • dioxin in the air
  • all the negative health effects and early deaths caused by all of the above

At the same time, you're contributing to the long-term national goals for a sustainable energy economy and our national security.

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